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12 week Program

I utilize targeted body resistance and weight training methods to transform your physique in my 12 week Body Transformation Program. Get ready for the most intensive results driven program of your life! Included is a fully customized nutrition program, ongoing body and fitness assessments, my signature Powerposes® and your own customized workout program youʼll learn from and take with you long after we have completed our transformation together.

WEEKS 1 AND 2 – Fitness assessment and Exercise Technique

In the first 2 weeks, we spend time assessing your present health and fitness. We also look at your current nutrition, and build a plan to really get you to where you want to be to achieve your body goals. This plan will work no matter how busy you are, and will be tailored to your financial situation. At the end of the first week, you will receive a customized nutrition and workout program that is specific to you. In week 2, I teach you foundational workout techniques to get you started on your journey to achieving your body, health and nutrition goals.


WEEKS 3 AND 4 – Perfecting Technique and Form

In weeks 3 and 4, we work on perfecting exercise technique while teaching you the importance of connecting mind to muscle. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of your workouts so your not wasting your time just ‘going’ to the gym like most people, but rather seeing actual improvements to you body. 


WEEKS 5 AND 6 – Strength and Power for Growth and a Lean Body

In weeks 5 and 6, we start to hone in and focus more on progressive overload. This will help you increase your strength and develop lean muscle tissue. Most people never get to this stage because they don’t have the right foundations, or a workout routine that’s tailored to their body and nutrition. 


WEEKS 7 AND 8 – Exercise Intensity and Variety

In weeks 7 and 8, we introduce more styles and different exercise techniques in order to further shock your body into growth and change. This is the only way to get to the next level and see major changes to the way you look, and your ability to do more complex exercises with heavier weights.  


WEEKS 9 AND 10 – Going for Gold!

By this stage of the course youʼre at your strongest and fittest. Workouts become improvised and we discuss and act on ways in which we can take your workouts to the next level. If plans were made to compete, get in shape for a vacation or special event, perform in a show or appear on TV, we make the necessary adjustments to your nutrition plan and workout program. This is a critical stage for tweaking the program, doing more of what is working and eliminating what’s not working. 


WEEKS 11 AND 12 – Re-assessment and Client Creation of the Routine

In weeks 11 and 12 we revisit technique, assess how far youʼve come in terms of strength, performance and the overall positive physical and mental changes youʼve experienced. I test you on what youʼve learned, enabling you to take the reigns and create some of your own routines and workouts, while still under strict supervision and guidance.