NYC Personal Training

Sure you can book training sessions a la carte or in blocks (call for those rates) but many of my clients have seen great progress with these packages (below) and felt results within 2 weeks of commencement. All courses include a comprehensive fitness and body assessment and a customized workout & nutrition program. Book today and never look back!


12 week Personal Training Program

I utilize targeted body resistance and weight training methods to transform your physique in my 12 week Body Transformation Program. Get ready for the most intensive results driven program of your life! Included is a fully customized nutrition program, ongoing body and fitness assessments, my signature Powerposes® and your own customized workout program youʼll learn from and take with you long after we have completed our transformation together.

The 35 Minute Workout

The 35 minute workout is a high intensity body part specific workout with little rest designed to get you into great shape within weeks of commencement. Over the course of my fitness career I have learned that less is more when it comes to sculpting and transforming your body. Give me just 35 minutes of your day, 4 days a week for 12 weeks and leave the gym in the best shape of your life.


Powerpose® is the ultimate muscle mind workout that combines elements of yoga, Taichi and classic physique posing to form a whole body dynamic flexing and stretching routine to music. If youʼve ever struggled feeling a muscle while exercising it struggle no more as Powerpose® will enhance your ability to feel a greater burn and pump in smaller as well as larger muscles. Studies have shown that isometric and active muscle contraction via
Powerpose® increases strength, muscle definition and flexibility just as effectively as resistance training.

I’ve been working out with Gennaro for about 7 weeks now and I have to say he is the man in fitness. I can absolutely see my body changing and I never feel lost when it comes down to food questions or anything. He is a great motivator pushes me to my limits and even further :)
— Peter Badenhop