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The 35 Minute Workout

The 35 minute workout is a high intensity body part specific routine with little rest between sets designed to get you into great shape within weeks of commencement. Over the course of Gennaroʼs fitness career he's learnt that less is more when it comes to sculpting and transforming your body. Give Gennaro 35 minutes of your day, 4 days a week for 12 weeks and leave the gym in the best shape of your life.

Weeks 1 and 2 – Fitness Assessment and Exercise Technique

We assess your health and fitness and consult you on nutrition, training and the achievement of goals. You receive a custom designed nutrition and workout program. Teaching of basic technique also becomes the focal point during this time.


Weeks 3 and 4 – Perfecting Technique

Although this program may involve a lot of body weight resistance exercises we still work on perfecting exercise technique while teaching you the importance of connecting mind to muscle to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the workouts.


Weeks 5 and 6 – Aerobic and Muscular Endurance for a Lean Body

I start to focus more on small progressive overload increments helping you increase your endurance, strength and lean muscle tissue.


Weeks 7 and 8 – Exercise Intensity and Variety

I introduce more styles and different exercise techniques in order to further shock your body into growth and change.


Weeks 9 and 10 – Going for Gold!

By this stage of the course youʼre at your strongest and fittest. Workouts become improvised and we as trainer/ client discuss and act on ways in which we can take your workouts to the next level. If plans were made to get in shape for a vacation, perform in a show or appear on TV we make the necessary adjustments to your nutrition plan and workout program.


Weeks 11 and 12 – Re-assessment and Client Creation of the Routine

I revisit technique, assess how far youʼve come in terms of endurance, performance and the overall positive physical and mental changes youʼve experienced. I also test you on what youʼve learned enabling you to take the reigns and create some of your own routines and workouts while still under strict supervision and guidance.