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Next class is Saturday March 9, 2019 at 11am at CRS Studios - 123 4th Ave. Level 2, NYC, NY 10003

 Cost: $25 cash in class or via Venmo @Gennaro-Ferra or Paypal payable 1 week before class using gennaroferra@gmail.com

Powerpose® is the ultimate muscle mind workout combining elements of yoga, Taichi and classic physique posing to form a whole body flexing and stretching routine to high energy music. If you've ever struggled feeling a muscle while exercising, struggle no more as Powerpose® will enhance your ability to feel a greater burn and pump in smaller as well as larger muscles. Studies have shown that isometric and active contraction via Powerpose® increases strength, muscle definition and flexibility just as effectively as resistance training while having more fun!

POWERPOSE® INTENSIVE COURSE (private or small group)

WEEKS 1 AND 2 – Posture assessment and correction

We analyze your current posture and determine where your strengths and weaknesses lay. We then run you through a series of relaxed and static poses that will help transform your posture and body shape over the course of this program. 


WEEKS 3 AND 4 – Perfecting my Powerposes®

In week 3, we introduce you to my signature Powerposes®. We work on learning the form of the Powerposes®  in granular detail. In week 4, we perfect each pose while isolating smaller and larger muscle groups. We go through these poses with little rest, increasing the aerobic and anaerobic component of the session. 


WEEKS 5 AND 6 – Transitions for grace and balance

We work on transitions which involve free movement through space beginning from the legs, leading into the core and limbs of the upper body. These dance like transitions will help increase trunk flexibility and improve balance and core strength. 


WEEKS 7 AND 8 – Bringing it all home: Powerposes® and Transitions

In weeks 7 and 8, we focus on combining the Powerposes® you’ve learned from weeks 3 and 4 with the transitions from weeks 5 and 6 to help you form a free flowing, graceful Powerpose® routine. 


WEEKS 9 AND 10 – Powerpose® Body Resistance®

A more advanced routine that incorporates all the Powerposes® you’ve learned in combination with specific body resistance exercises to give you a thorough body sculpting workout. By weeks 9 and 10 you not only will be leaner and more muscular, but your flexibility, balance and endurance will be at its best! 


WEEKS 11 AND 12 – Powerpose® Cardio®

A series of exercises that combine Powerpose® with cardio moves to keep your heart rate elevated thereby helping you burn the last few pounds of fat to create the sculpted physique you worked hard for these past 12 weeks. You will also walk away with your very own Powerpose® routine to music that will guarantee greater strength, balance, posture and confidence.