Powerpose® Saturday at Complete Body Gym

Looking forward to seeing you all again this Saturday February 4th at Complete Body Gym at 22 West 19th Street at 2:30pm and every Saturday there after. Over the last few weeks of teaching Powerpose® I've been receiving great positive feedback which always helps me determine what I should teach more of and less of. What has really impressed and inspired me has been the focus and intensity my students have displayed in each class. I believe this to be the case for a variety of reasons.

The fact that Powerpose@ is unique, different and challenging motivates my students to be their best and compete in a friendly manner not only with themselves but amongst each other. On first sight the poses and exercises look easy to perform but it's the quality and speed at which we execute each movement that makes this exercise discipline so intense and effective.

As the teacher of the class I demonstrate all the poses and exercises and am fully engaged in every aspect of it. This motivates my students to strive to perfect each pose and work harder at establishing that muscle mind connection which Powerpose® is renowned. 

The pace at which we perform Powerpose® is slow and controlled which enables all class members to take their time perfecting each pose and exercise while squeezing, holding and then stretching all the specific and major muscle groups allowing the whole body including the core and the legs to be fully engaged and stimulated. 

Powerpose® allows people from different exercise backgrounds and disciplines to enjoy a refreshing break from their normal exercise schedule, enhancing and building on their mental and physical skills of balance, flexibility, mental focus, core strength, power, rhythm and coordination.

This week in Powerpose® I will not only be incorporating calisthenics, but controlled cardio drills, plymoterics and free weight exercises using dumbells. It's going to all come together beautifully to form a body sculpting experience you'll love and benefit from. Unlike many group fitness instructors out there I pride myself on helping my students achieve perfect technique. For me its about slowing the movement right down in order to attain the pump and burn in the muscle rather than keeping up with the pack at a fast pace sacrificing form and potentially injuring yourself. So this week  you'll experience and learn new Powerposes®, correct exercise technique, greater flexibility, greater muscle mind connection, increased and unique pump in the muscles resulting in increased definition and muscle mass, and a greater sense of confidence and power. See you all this week and feel free to post your comments and questions below. Have a great week!