Compete to achieve your goals and attain a great body while doing it!


Not many people know this but I started my personal training career shortly after winning the 1986 NABBA Teenage Mr. Victoria. 3 years later I won the Open NABBA Mr. Australia and that well and truly kicked off my personal training career.  I was approached by friends and others who I had inspired over the course of my early competitive years to compete and many requested my services in training for shows, designing nutrition programs in stage presence and posing choreography.
In one way modern bodybuilding itself has taken a wrong turn and alienated many from the sport. But in many other ways the natural bodybuilding movement and the creation of many other federations and divisions have opened the doors for the mainstream and allowed many people to compete in bodybuilding, figure, fitness, physique and bikini shows.
I'm here to tell you that not only are these bodybuilding/fitness shows open to all who aspire to achieve a better body and enjoy the experience of performing on stage, but the benefits go far beyond the recognition and improvements in self confidence one is most likely to experience in competing.
Some clients train with me with the goal of getting in shape for an event like a wedding, vacation or film project, and they have a specific deadline. However there are others who just want to improve their health and lose their belly fat with no set specific deadline or urgency to get there.
Although I don't encourage rushing the process and losing large amounts of weight at the expense of ones health, I do beleive one can progress fast if one is consistent with their training, cardio and customized nutrition programs that I set. I believe the body responds quickly to change and will transform itself when hard work is involved and the above are all given 100% effort.
For those of you who need to get into shape but not sure what to aim for, deciding to compete  in a physique, natural bodybuilding, bikini, figure or fitness show is a great way to give you a clearer vision of your goals and motivate you to  get in the best shape of your life. Sure the stakes are high but the motivation is too.
Choosing to compete in a show 12, 16 or 20 weeks out forces you to commit and see it through. My advice to anyone who is thinking of competing is tell as many people as you can that you are doing so. That way one of them at one point or another will remind you and ask you how that competition prepartaion is going forcing you to remain accountable to yourself and to others. It ís also a good idea to be realistic and to see a few shows and or watch videos of competitions. Choose a division your body is best suited for and aim for that look. Design your training and nutrition around the look you're going for and if you need a personal fitness/ bodybuilding trainer who specializes in physique and fitness shows search for someone who has a track record and has competed at the highest level themselves and are passionate about teaching.
If you feel deep down you have what it takes to make an impression, entertain, and inspire others to follow in your footsteps, you should consider competing.
Whether you're 17 or 75 deciding to compete in one of these shows may be the motivation you need to achieve your best body yet. The side effects of this are all great. Greater self confidence, better health, a stronger body and mind and an art and  sport you may just fall in love with and encourage your friends and family to participate in.
If you need help preparing for a show or just need some questions answered don't hesitate to reach out to me.
Remember your fiercest competition is yourself. Always aim to improve on yesterdays look and performance!
Stay strong,